Wong Shin Kim 黃承斂/黃承謙

He is younger brother of Wong Shin Chiang 黃承青

About the following photo:

Degital Image in Google Image from : University of Southern California Image Archive

Photo title : "Pastor Wong Schinkhim with his family in Longheu (1928)."

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[photographer] Weissenbruch, Arnold (Mr)

Photographer Mr. Weissenbruch, Arnold came to Longheu and Tin Tong wai in 1928 and there are about 40 photographs he took in these area which are available today in the internet. http://bmpix.usc.edu/bmpix/controller/browse.htm?page=1&x=1369269302937


"Railway station Tin Tong wai (3 hours from Longheu) 1928." was the only photo Weissenbruch, Arnold captured of Tin Tong wai. At that year  Phang Len Yin has left Tin Tong wai 1910(?)

Wong Shin Kim 黃承斂 or 黃承謙

Looking for a long lost Grand Uncle in China
Wong Shin Kim 黃承斂 or 黃承謙

Photograph by Weissenbruch, Arnold in 1928
Title:"Pastor Wong Schinkhim with his family in Longheu (1928)."


Around 1976 my late Grandmother mentioned that I have a late Grand Uncle by the name 黃承謙in China. He was the eldest brother of my late Grandfather.

His last known village was in “Bu-ji” Town, south of Guangdong Province   (廣東省 寶安縣 深圳市 布吉鎮).

He was (perhaps) last seen in 1905/06 when his young bother Wong Shin Chiang 黃承青 (my late Grandfather) left for Borneo Island (Now East Malaysia).

After Second World War, mail contacts between both side had completely lost.

In 2013 after lengthy searching in Internet, I found this Chinese family photo of "Wong Shin Kim".

There is great possibility that the "Wong Shin Kim" in the photo is the 黃承謙 my Grandma mentioned.

I need help. Somewhere, Someone may have clues that may lead me to locate his descendents. If you have any valuable information, please write to me at wongfookyee@yahoo.com


浪口堂是客家地區崇真會區堂,在歷史變革中飽經滄桑。 1917年軍閥混戰,浪口堂受到嚴重破壞,教牧人員受到嚴重迫害,兩名外國傳教士殉難於浪口。 1937年日寇侵華,教堂及學校均受到嚴重破壞。 1951年“土地改革”期間,教會暫停聚會活動,教堂被挪作它用,信徒分散到許多家庭聚會點中聚會。



Who Are the Hakka? http://www.sachina.edu.cn/Htmldata/longbook/Christian_Souls_and_Chinese_Spirits/529.html

According to 'Wong Family History' by Christopher Wong :

"...Shin Chiang had an older missionary brother: Shin Kim in Hong Kong/Malaysia and a younger brother in China who was given away for adoption. No recorded nor verbal information on Shin Chiang’s father or why only he and his mother went to Kuching ... Shin Chiang did try to look for his older brother Shin Kim in Malaysia/Hong Kong twice but was unsuccessful...."

In between 1975-1977 one day during a casual conversation with Grandma, Phang Lien Yin, she  mentioned of Wong Shin Chiang's long lost brother "....you have a Suk-Kong (Grand-uncle) 黃承謙 in XXX Island............for many years we received  letters from....we wrote letters to him............latter on we lost contact with each other........"

She also mentioned the name of the country "Fiji"